Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Might Be The Year!

Oh, my citrus trees are in full bloom and my yard smells wonderful! I just can't get enough of it! I was exploring my garden, checking in on things this morning and I am so excited to report that my pink lemon tree is finally blooming!
We've had it for two years now and it has grown some nice foliage, but never really bloomed. I was about to give up on it.
I am so excited about the blooms, but I'll be even more excited if we get a couple of pink lemons this year! That means next year, as in December 2012, we might actually have enough lemons to make pink lemonade.


I am not a patient girl.

The waiting is so. hard.
I think it will be worth it.


Amy Button said...

I think my envy of your citrus trees is well documented :) I really hope you get to make pink lemonade soon. And yeah, gardening...patience...it's hard.

Maybe I'll just have to grow apples or peaches. I don't think their blooms can compare to those of citrus but I'll give it a shot.

60ish and Glad said...

I know what you mean. I had asparagus in the yard. It takes seven years for it to grow. I got three spears of it before we had to move.

Christy said...

Oh Amy! I hope you do grow a fruit tree :) I want to hear its whole story, from branch to bud to fruit!

Anonymous said...

Love the aroma! We have it too...it's wonderful! I have a persian pomegranite that is yet to bloom and a japanese loquat. It's so hard to wait! But we should have quite a crop of peaches later this year..they are about the size of a nickle now!

Christy said...

Pomegranate! I'm so jealous! That's on my list of plants to acquire over the next couple of years. Please keep me posted about how well it grows!