Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Lens!

My new lens is finally here! I have been waiting so long to try it out! Of course, I don't have time to take some kind of photo excursion with it right away, but I am not a patient girl, so I stuck that lens on my camera and just carried it around all day.
But that's just the thing - I wanted a nice lens that would take everyday pictures. So, here's what my day looked like:

We went to a farmers' market this morning. I usually go a little crazy at those things. Chris paid the nice lady who sold us way more fruit than we'd planned to buy (ahem).

Emma hugged the beets.

And, uh, here are some weeds.

We bought a honey murcott tangerine tree, so I took a picture of it.

And this is just some laundry drying by the window.

Just a day. A lovely day with a new toy.


JessRaquel said...

Your new lens is awesome, I'm jealous.. I'm still searching for an affordable camera.

Mindy said...


Amy Button said...

I miss going to the farmer's's not like we don't have them, I just haven't been.

Miss citrus trees too. The blooms smell so amazing. I wish I could bottle that scent. So excited for *tangerines*! How fun!

And I actually think that a lot of weeds are very pretty :)