Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey friends. I suppose that, by now, it's obvious that I'm not blogging much. My life is overly full at the moment and, rather than being an outlet, it's turned into just an additional pressure for me - something else I need to check off a list.
I'm not saying I'm leaving or anything, but posting will be nearly non-existent for a bit while I slog through the fall. I am taking a photography lighting class, though, so chances are good I'll be sharing some of my work with you.
Thanks for reading all my stories.
I hope you'll check back now and again to see what I'm up to, I just thought notifying you that there is no need to check daily or probably even weekly was the polite thing to do.

<3 me


Leslie said...

Sadness :( But, I do look forward to seeing your pictures from the class.

Mary Kelso said...

Take your time and enjoy! You are usually even more fun to read once you come back from the busyness. :)

Amy Button said...

Sad :( But I understand the crazy-busy that is fall semester...and homeschool...and all the other million things you do :) I'm looking forward to pictures though.