Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today, we brought this girl home from a shelter. They named her Molly and we think it suits her nicely. We think that's what we'll call her too.

We don't know much about her story before she met us, but we plan to write a much better one for her from this point forward. We had only sort of been thinking about a dog for Emma (though, really, if it's a dog, it's for the whole family, right?) when we met her and it was just, well, fate.

We spent some time sky-gazing too, by the light of this amazing full moon.


Amy Button said...

What?!? That's so exciting!!! I really want to meet her.

Pengiknits said...

Molly is very cute!!

Christy said...

Brandy - Abbey should come and meet her :)

Mary Kelso said...

Aw...she looks like a comfortable sort of dog. Very nice.

The moon is beautiful. We chased one home from church the other night. "How did it get over there?" was heard often in the back seat.