Thursday, August 11, 2011


For whatever reason, I came away from our retreat with more pictures of trees than anything else (except for sunsets)! Here are some of my favorites:

I love the twisty shapes all over this tree. There seemed to be lots of ways you could climb into it and hide.

This tree was so pretty - its feathery leaves such a bright green and its branches criss-crossing in such a pleasing way!

During one of our beach visits, my friend took us to see this cluster of long-dead, bleached tree trunks. I was so taken in by their shapes - roots that reached out for a drink some time ago and were left hanging in mid-air as the sand eroded away...

One of the trees is completely up-ended and its roots have been decorated with shells by beach-goers. It reminded me of a shoe tree, only it was so much prettier.

Be sure to click on this one so you can see it bigger. The shells are so much cooler when you see them up close!


Amy Button said...

Love them all <3

jlsgrant said...

Great pics from your retreat! Love the driftwood/trees...there are lots of those on the north end of longboat key and they are usually decorated with shells too! :)