Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artists' Retreat 2011: Day 3

By the start of our last full day in South Florida, we were all pretty relaxed. We got to the beach later than we'd planned, but just at the right time anyhow. Clouds were rolling across the water, but we didn't mind.

There were conchs everywhere. Broken shells, yes - but real, live ones too, just off shore. Oh - and sand dollars too! Did you know they aren't really white at all? They were all so beautiful, but of course, we let them stay in their homes. Some treasures are not meant to be taken as trophies.

The sky cleared up a bit and we thought this parasailer looked really great in the blue sky.

We left for shelter in the peak hours of heat and sun, because nobody really wants to paint and write while they're all sweaty, do they? Of course not.
We returned to the shore for one last sunset. The surf had turned very rough, but the view was stunning. Emma covered herself up, feeling a little pitiful about her sunburn.

The clouds were gorgeous,

and the sunset was too.

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Amy Button said...

I did know that about sand dollars. I remember being very surprised as a kid and my Dad explained it to me. I also remember how they smell. Like the ocean only more...

Love the sky, ocean, sunset...