Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Tiny Gentleman

In case you haven't heard, let me announce that I'm getting another nephew for Christmas. I really can't think of a better present. So, naturally, I had to throw a party to celebrate!
I made gentleman-ly bow ties for all of our cups and mustaches to go on absolutely everything.

There were all sorts of delicious treats on the table - some made by me and some made by Mindy's mom & sister (who helped a great deal with all of the details of the party), I made rock candy to stir into the iced tea, and there were even pralines to take home as an extra treat for all the guests.

We made up a few silly games too. I don't generally like baby shower games, so I always try to think of something a little bit different to do. An air-pipe relay race? Nope. Don't think I've seen that one done before.

It was such a fun afternoon, celebrating the impending arrival of the newest tiny gentleman to join our family.


Mary Kelso said...

You are something!!!!

Love your unique ideas and presentation. Congrats to Mindy!

Amy Button said...

Awww, congrats on the new little guy! It looks like a lovely party.

Mary Kelso said...

I honestly thought that I left a comment on here but I still don't see it. I have all sorts of trouble leaving comments on blogger because of google passwords and stuff I can't seem to understand. So now if I don't leave my comment as just a name and URL instead of a ... you don't care about all this.

I LOVE the gentleman's baby shower! I mean...HOW CLEVER IS THAT!?! You are something! Was this idea you're own or inspired by something similar. I love your brain.


Mary Kelso said... now I see that my comment is there! What? I am beginning to hate blogger. Don't tell them, I'm sure I'll come around.

Christy said...

LOL! What happened in this instance was that I just published the comments, presumably, as you were writing and publishing this morning :) I am just so far behind on *everything!*
So. I'm glad you love my brain, even if it doesn't remind me to do things in a timely fashion :)

Mary Kelso said...

I wish I could "like" that.