Saturday, January 7, 2012


Honestly, I have begun many drafts of posts, hoping to jump back into blogging and catching up my friends on all the changes and events that have come my way recently, and it was really daunting. My fingers have hovered over my keyboard more times than I can count and there are so many words trying to get out that they get all jammed up and I can't really seem to sort them out. And this morning, I thought that maybe - just maybe - that is the problem. An update sort of post would take a really long time and I keep quitting before I start it because it just makes me tired. So I think that I will post now, as though I have been posting all along - as though all of you already know everything that has happened this whole time (I suspect that, over time, most of the details will come out in the wash anyway). Deal? So, this morning, I made donuts. And not even the kind where you fry donut-shaped cut-outs of biscuits-in-a-tube either. I mean honest-to-goodness, homemade donuts. They were sweet potato donuts and I used a vegan recipe, only I used real sour cream and Greek yogurt since I kind of like dairy products a little bit. Or a lot. Whatever.
The thing is, since I am allergic to eggs, I haven't had a donut in years. Let me tell you, I definitely ate more than my fair share of these. Also, I was definitely not sorry about it. Not even one little bit. Because, you has sweet potato in it, so it can't be all bad, right?


Mary said...

No...not all bad...or even a little bad. Eating donuts is maybe just slightly bad, but worth it regardless.

So glad for a post. I am sure that catching up will happen less on the spot and more on the move and that is the best way.

Amy Button said...

Yay! I hope you're back more often although I suspect you'll be at least as busy as ever now that school has started back.

I bet I would like these donuts (except for the wheat thing) although I don't really like them in general. I think homemade makes everything wonderful.

Christy said...

Whew :) I'm glad you're both still here! I hope I'm back more often too, but I'm stopping short of making it a resolution or anything crazy like that!