Saturday, January 14, 2012

All State

For the second year in a row, Andrew was nominated for the All State Honors Band. It's such a privilege - such an inspiring experience for kids to play with other high musical achievers. It means a weekend in Tampa for us, at a hotel, amid the annual conference of our state's music educators. There are instruments to try and clinics for educators and concerts. So many great concerts. Music. Everywhere. Here's a look at how our weekend went:
Grandma and Grampy came to hear the music.
Emma really enjoyed checking out the exhibits and all the cool instruments at the convention.
Of course, Andrew had a concert and that was the whole point of the weekend. He played so well and we are so proud of him.


Amy Button said...

I've never gotten that close to the University of Tampa...jealous. I've only driven by it. Love the pictures.

It's so cool that Emma got to go with you this time. Love homeschool!

Mary said...

These are great photos and it sounds like a really neat trip. You always make me want to go places you've taken pictures.

frabjouspoet said...

I cannot get over how grown up Em looks in that picture! How did that happen?