Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sad Party

Well, I have decided that I am no longer a party-thrower.
I know this is shocking.
The pages of this little blog are full of parties that I've thrown for years and..
I think I've just outgrown them.

That said, when the right occasion calls for a party, I will answer the call, but it won't be just for every birthday and only for very special babies and weddings (though I think my friends are just about done with that business by now).
And also for sad goodbyes.

I know I haven't told you, Dear Blog, but it may be partly due to my colossal state of denial: Joe and Mindy are moving away and taking my nephews - my babies! - with them all the way across the country to the great Northwest. They only have a week or so left now and, well, we needed a party. Don't you agree?

I had some wonderful co-hostesses and didn't even have to host the party in my own house, which made it so much smoother and so much more enjoyable.We made decorations out of maps and left out vintage Florida postcards for friends to write their goodbyes. There were delicious treats and my masterpiece - a DIY soda bar, with homemade soda syrups, of course.

So, before I start to sniffle and sob, how about I just show you some pictures?


Mary Kelso said...

I know, I know how it feels to let them go. I'm in the midst of welcoming my sister and all her boys back from 8 years of living on the other side of the world.

Bless you for smiling so well as you wave goodbye, what a beautiful party.

The party world will mourn your growth, by the way. I hope you find some really good reasons to break out the banners and bows now and then. Just not more send offs.

Amy Miles said...

Love the pics! LOVE the vintage suitcases too! Well done! :-)

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

I know the dull ache in your chest and in theirs becaust it lives in my own. I love you and miss you and will shed tears with and for you.

amybutton said...

What a beautiful party! I'm so sorry that they're moving though...hugs.

Kallie Brynn said...

It looks so beautiful, Christy. You did a lovely job.

~Leslie said...

Christy, you should be a party planner! Your party decorations are always unique and your treats always look divine!! I am so sorry to hear that Joe and Mindy and "your babies" are moving so far away! My heart is sad for you!