Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sometimes, I am compelled to really open up and be honest here. I mean, really-seriously-embarrassingly honest. So, here goes:
Several things in my life have begun unraveling all at once. I feel a little bit like I'm knitting in a movie theater and my ball of yarn just went rolling down the aisle. It's a little embarrassing, but I'm going to have to get up in front of everybody and chase it down.
I'm going to lay low for a little while, at least blog-wise.

I plan to play lots of Mario Kart and Guitar Hero with my kids, pick my camera back up and try to take some decent photos and I'm going to do a little emotional housework, spiritual housework and, well, maybe some actual housework too.

I mean, there might be a post here or there about what I'm doing on my birthday or something really great that I made or whatever, but for the most part, I'm ducking out of the online world for a bit.
I just need to wind it all back up and I'll be fine.
I'll see you soon.

Hugs & kisses,
<3 me


Amy said...

Oh wow! Is everything OK? I know that taking a break and focusing is necessary sometimes. I'll be praying for you. {{Hugs}}

Christy said...

Thanks, Amy:) And yeah, I'll be alright. You know, nothing is earth-shattering or life-threatening, but sometimes...I don't've gotta step back from everything and re-assess, right?

Amy said...

Well, not that I've ever done that or anything ;) But yeah, I totally get it. It's a little more like "oh no" when your friends do it though.

claibornes corner said...

I will miss you terribly but I think you need to slow down and have some "you" time......I Love you...Nana

Mary said...

I love yarn analogies. I so get it. I've been a little absent myself but I have been creeping and crawling after my rolling ball of yarn in hopes of no one noticing. It takes longer that way.

May you find your seat, your yarn and whatever else you may need, again soon and may you hear only encouraging things on your way up and down the aisle.

mindy said...

um, if you're playing mario kart, i'd better get a phone call. ;)

i'll miss you in your blog absence.....come back soon!

Jessica said...

I totally understand, but what a bummer!