Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Cakes

Oh man.
Andrew turns 13 today.
I don't think I'm even ready to process all that means!
He and I devised a fun birthday cake for this year, though, and we made miniature-version cupcakes for his sleepover last night. The big cake will be for later today.
S'mores cupcakes, anyone?

Chocolate cake on the bottom, marshmallow-flavored icing & crumbled, homemade graham crackers on the top. Oh - and a little piece of chocolate too.

Daily Bliss: my teenager still talks to me about deep stuff. for now, anyway.


Mary said...

What a GREAT idea. You guys are so wonderfully clever. Looks really delicious.

Your Drew makes me look forward to 13 instead of dreading it. You can tell him I said so if you want.

Amy Button said...

Those look fantastic! I'm drooling...

Happy Birthday Drew :D

mindy said...

i may not have gotten the cupcake version, but the piece of birthday cake i enjoyed was incredible....virtual fist bump to you and drew for such an awesome idea.