Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi There

I turned 34 this week.
I'd intended some sort of reflecting post with a self portrait.
The only "portrait" I managed to get was this shot of Emma, sitting in for me to adjust the focus.

I actually kind of like it - how she's so low in the frame, how she isn't posing, the bath oil all in her hair from the bath fizzies we'd made and tried earlier in the day.
It was a good birthday.
I won't lie - it's been kind of a tough week. No calamities of an obvious nature have befallen me, just a series of small things that add up and steal my focus. But my birthday more than made up for it - yummy cake and dinner out with my family and homemade frozen yogurt made by my brother and The Lovely Mindy that was to-die-for.
And birthday shopping.
Oh, birthday shopping.
I don't get to shop a lot, but that just makes it so much more fun when I get to. And there was an obvious moment of destiny between a new shirt and a pair of shoes. It was breathtaking.
I like shoes.

I've had a little bit of software trouble, thus the absence of posting. I think we are all squared away now, with a few new toys for me to sweeten the whole deal. You should be seeing a little bit more of me here soon. Yay!

Wake-up Playlist: Death Cab for Cutie, Soul Meets Body


Meg said...

It was so good to get a few words from you. I love your pics, you are doing very well with your summer of silence. Just here or in person also. That is huge, lots of self-control, I'm not good at it, but use it as a goal . . . long term goal.

Have a great year!!!!


Mary said...

Facebook told me you have a new laptop. I'm so excited for you. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday. I really am.

Christy said...

Thanks Meg - you're too kind. I have very little self control, actually. I suppose this silent summer is kind of an experiment in that :)

Mary - that clever Facebook! Always telling secrets ;)

mindy said...

It was a wonderful birthday celebration, glad to know it made up for a not-so-great week. And I'm sure week 2 of 34 will be infinitely better!