Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Girl Haircut

Emma got her hair cut today. A couple of weeks ago, she announced that she wanted a "big girl" haircut this time - shoulder-length, please.
So, we made quite a deal of it. We picked out pictures of haircuts she liked and brought them to our hair magician. He knew just what to do.

She could not stop looking at herself in the mirror! She feels beautiful and that makes me so very happy. I would not have thought it possible to make her cuter than she was, but somehow, I think it's happened.
Afterward, we picked out some lunch at the Fresh Market right next door to the salon and did a bit of shopping in some of our favorite stores in Hyde Park.




60ish and Glad said...

My darling doll baby is so beautiful. You have done such a stellar job and teaching her to love herself for who she is. What a good mama you are!

Mary said...

I commented on facebook too, but she really looks a five years older sort of way. He did a great job, her face just fits perfectly in that hair.

Denise said...

oh my frames her beautiful face...I just love it and love that she feels beautiful in it. What a girl!

lubke-moss said...

CUTE is Right! It is a darling haircut, and it makes her look even more like her mommy. :)

mindy said...

i love the blissful look on her face in the fourth picture down. you can just tell she's soaking up every moment of the experience....what a cutie pie!

Becky Nelson said...

Very nice - fabulous!