Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kids on Film

I had this old image of my kids scanned today. It's one of my favorites. I took this in a historic church at one of those living museum places. Emma is wearing a dress that was my grandma's when she was small. There are lots of things that aren't "technically" perfect about this picture, but that doesn't always matter.
I love it.


Anonymous said...

Christy, must comment on this. That is such a gorgeous lifetime memory of your beautiful children. I have one of my son's first haircut and even now when I look at him with his little cowboy shirt and slicked back hair at 19 months I have an emotional memeory. Thanks for the reminder.


Christy said...

Thanks Meg :)

Amy Button said...

Love :) Andrew is such a cutie-pie...always but especially here.