Friday, May 6, 2011

Garden Update

Some time ago, a photo of my striped lemons was requested. I didn't forget or anything, I was just a little...distracted. Or whatever.
Isn't it cute?

And while we're at it, would you look at all the other backyard growing that's going on? I thought so.

Some cucumbers - an heirloom variety that was a Christmas present from my brother & his lovely wife:

A few sugar pumpkin vines, though I've never had any luck with those. Hopefully, I got them out early enough this year that we'll avoid the squash bugs and vine borers.

I tried out a watermelon patch for the first time this year and look! I have a tiny, baby watermelon!

A few tomatoes. Oh yes. A few. Here's a yellow pear & a chocolate cherry tomato:

All in all, it's not a wildly successful garden yet, but we've learned so much and it is our most successful garden yet.

My classes are done now and it looks like I'm maintaining all A's, so I'm glad of that. I'm also glad that summer is around the corner and I'll have my kids with me for long, quiet days and video games and board games and also bored games. We have a few things we've signed up to do to keep our days interesting, but nothing like what we've done in the past. I'm looking for us all to rest up a bit and accomplish very little.


Mary said...

I love it. The lemons, tomatoes, baby watermelons and cucumbers are looking super duper and even if none of them turn out edible, you have harvested some lovely photos of it all.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome...That cucumber looks great and I'm especially excited about your striped lemon...must find one for my garden now! :)

Amy Button said...

Love the lemon!

And you know my love/hate relationship with pumpkins. I really, really hope it goes well for you. And I'm really interested to hear if watermelons are any easier to grow than pumpkins are.