Friday, May 13, 2011


For some reason, Blogger's maintenance shut-down last night wiped out this last post, so I'm sticking (at least the photos) it back up here.
I did a presentation tonight at our local museum that had lots of my pictures in it and lots of pictures that I took specifically for the presentation. It's been a fun camera week! First up is my piano in the afternoon - with Emma's little hands and with mine. Then, just some scenes around my house and my two vintage cameras.


Anonymous said...

I really love these. I had come back yesterday to look for them after sneaking a peek when I didn't have time to comment, but they were gone. Glad it wasn't because you had decided to take them down for some reason. What I intended to say before is how blessed you are. You have a gift for making us "feel" something when we look through the lens with you. So well done, all of them, but the piano is my favorite. Love the warmth. The scratches on the piano and the contrast of the keys...I can almost smell the wood and carpet of my little home church in Michigan when I look at them. Thanks.


Christy said...

Mary - your words have nearly brought me to tears. In a good way, of course. That's always what I aim to do with my pictures - I take them because something makes me feel a certain way and then I want to share that feeling with other people.
I'm so glad my piano brought back such a wonderful place for you.

Amy Button said...

Love the pictures. I love the light and shadows on the keys and the aprons the glass doorknob...well, all of it :) Those are a few of my favorite things.

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

I see Mr. F Clef peeking out there! He's making me miss you too much.

Christy said...

My Darling B - I miss you too much too. Where is it we're going this summer? Remind me? Because I need to imagine it so I miss you less.