Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Schmedding

So, I'm not super into weddings.
There. I've said it.
I never really was, in fact.
As a little girl, I definitely played house and I definitely pretended to be a mommy, but I never really dreamed about, planned or pretended about my wedding. I guess I don't like the drama and hoopla and such. I worked in the wedding business for a few years and that only worsened my opinion of them.
It may surprise you, then, to know that Emma and I watched the royal wedding.
Let me explain.
For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave Emma a darling vintage snack set - plates and cups that fit together - and some special tea, specifically for having tea while we watched the Royal Wedding. Before that? I scarcely knew anything like that was going on across the pond.
However, if you know me at all by now (and it's likely you do), you know I love parties and baking. Who am I to neglect a reason to make scones?
Life has been busy and the wedding broadcast started at 4 AM here on a school day, so we had to record it, which was fine. That gave us a chance to pack up our goodies and head to my brother's house to have tea and breakfast with my sister-in-law, Sarah. Emma texted her early this morning to see pajamas fell within the appropriate dress code.
They did.
So, we went out and about in our pajamas.
Take a look at how much fun we had!

Scones and jam and lemon curd and cream and tea and...wonderfulness!

A closer look at Emma's dishes:

Earl Gray tea lattes with steamed milk!

Our tray of accoutrements:

Huckleberry wants to know if puppies can have scones too.

It was a decadent and lovely morning! We lingered far too long over the footage of all those hats and dresses and, of course, the radiant bride. Then it was time to go home. I realized that I was still in my pajamas and would not make it home without pumping some gas into the car.
Oh well.
Generally, I don't go out in public in my pajamas, but there was no choice now. Emma, however, was unsurprised by this development. When I worried out loud about what people might think, she offered that it sounded perfectly like something I would do anyway and she didn't see what the big deal was.
I see.
Since I made it home unscathed, in my pajamas, I believe I'll stay in them for the rest of the day. I have a paper due tomorrow that I have scarcely even begun. But there are only a few days left in this semester! I am nearly there!


frabjouspoet said...

I hope Huckleberry got a scone...those should be puppy treats!

Christy said...

His mommy said no :(
Honestly, you need to bring Winnepeg to visit. I will make the scones!

Mary said...

There should be more decadent events attended in pajamas. Why is that we are most wildly spoiled in uncomfortable clothing? I think you and Emma are on to something.

Christy said...

Ooo! Mary! Let's plan one :)

Amy Button said...

You know, I'm not into weddings either. I saw some coverage and Tim Gunn (?) started talking about her dress and I rolled my eyes and changed the channel. I'm just not into it. I am into scones though :) They make me very happy.