Monday, April 18, 2011


So, I was totally late getting my picture finished for this week's Two for Joy post.
Every week, it comes down to a couple of photos and I always have a hard time choosing just one. This week was no exception and, well, I thought I'd share the alternate photo with you.

I found this nest in the front yard quite a while ago and left it there. I left my house this morning, having been granted an unexpected morning to myself, determined to find a picture to take. Nothing seemed to fit right. I walked around parks and lakes and downtown and...nothing.
But when I really got to thinking about this week's theme ("Delicate"), I suddenly remembered the nest. I sped back home, really hoping it would still be there. And, of course, there it was. Right underneath the Spanish bayonet.

Daily Bliss: coffee downtown - all by myself
Wake-up Playlist: choir songs from yesterday's concert. all of them. jumbled up together.


JessRaquel said...

I love that picture, that's wonderful!

Amy Button said...

Love it!

jlsgrant said...

Perfect! :)