Sunday, June 5, 2011


This greenhouse is part of an abandoned nursery in my neighborhood. I drive by it all the time and have been just dying to get in there and take some pictures!
I didn't actually go into it this time (because I was wearing flip flops and there was lots of broken glass), but I hope to go back and trespass a little more boldly.
I have always been drawn to worn and decaying things - especially buildings. I think that what I like best about them is to see Nature reclaiming space that had been taken from her.
In this greenhouse, that is especially true as the cultivated plants - all the ones that were carefully planted in pots with good dirt and fertilizer - have long since died and the wild ones are running up and down the walls with abandon.

Daily Bliss: driving with the windows down, peeping at the giant, crescent moon


Aness said...

I love these pictures. My favorite is the broken window. The sun is coming through, great pic.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We really must take our "field trip" some time this summer and find some more decay! :)
Love it! Better get ourselves some snake-proof boots!

Christy said...

Oh! Let's do it Julie! I saw a burned-out house in Combee the other day with a standing fireplace and just a charred frame. Can't tell you how badly I want to go take its picture!
And thanks Vanessa :)

Amy Button said...

I'm fascinated by worn things but for a different reason. I'm always sad over the lost potential and see what it could be.

Even still, I love the photos.

Mary said...

Very, very cool!