Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011

My dear friends and long-time readers will already know exactly what we did today. Today was the Summer Solstice and our family always goes to the beach to celebrate. Usually, it's just for the sunset and a nice picnic dinner - especially if it falls on a weekday.

Last year, we were nearly washed out by a storm, but this year was lovely.
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this morning, baking bread and making ricotta cheese to go along with some blueberry jam I made a few weeks ago. We picked up some lemonade (summer's official drink, right?) and - OH! I nearly forgot. We picked some fresh figs from a local tree.

Yes. It was just as decadent as it looks!

The kids had fun and I got to stick my toes in the sand while Chris hunted for shells.

And, of course, the sunset was stunning.

This year, I have been struck by how big my kids are getting. We didn't have to chase anybody to keep them out of the deep water and Emma got far less sand stuck in her swimming suit. The conversation was delightful, and my whole family watched quietly as the sun melted into the ocean.

I want to remember just how funny my kids were today. We drove in the car and they laughed so much in the back seat, making fun of business names and signs, throwing sarcasm around like it was nothing. I know that rough, teenage stuff may lie shortly ahead for us and I hope that I can look back on happy days like this and take heart, remembering what amazing people these two really are.


Mary said...

sigh...that picture of the sun reflecting it's color on the sea with little bits of orange and pink almost makes my heart swell up. God does good work and you do too.

Love the post, the kids, the fun of keeping tradition and letting it show you the changes. Good stuff.

Amy Button said...

What a beautiful day. Homemade ricotta cheese? Very cool. I wouldn't ever thought of trying that.

Your! They're really growing up.

60ish and Glad said...

You will hang on to it. My fondest memories are kids at this age. I am glad you keep your special traditions. These will be meaningful to the kids. I wish I had done more.

Anonymous said...

A perfect day! :)

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful images!!! have a great week!!!