Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is something novel: I'm going to write about my day.
I mean, I know that's what my blog used to be, but, let's be honest. It's gotten away from me a bit, yes?
I have to remember eventually that having an open and free couple of weeks does not suddenly give me the right to say yes to new things. This should have been the start of our relaxing summer break and it just hasn't been. The kids are in a couple of camps this week that I hadn't planned on initially, but am really grateful that they are able to attend. But, I had planned my week and my work around not having that, so, I have been spending my days in my car, taking my kids to places and taking me to appointments and such.
My very, very hot car.
The air conditioner isn't broken, per se, it's just squeaking so we are trying not to use it until we can get it looked at.
Let me tell you - I am very cranky when I'm hot and sweaty and running late.
It all worked out, of course, but I am very happily curled up in my air conditioned living room sofa, not even feeling interested in doing anything else for the rest of the day. Things got done. Appointments were kept. I started a couple of new piano students. And my own kids got to make some music.

All in all, a hot, cranky, productive day that I'm so glad is over.

Daily Bliss: the giant watermelon in my kitchen that I grew!

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Amy Button said...

Well, maybe now you can take a break? I saw Emma's video of *Broadway Camp*!!! How fun! I can see why you wanted her to do it. An actual break for summer is good too. And watermelon? Awesome.