Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Tutorial For You

If you are just dying to run into five families you haven't seen in ten years, plus parishioners of the church where you work, here's how it's done:

1) Make sure that you are helping your mom run a few errands and your feet hurt from your ever-so-pretty shoes that lied to your feet (they said they'd be soft as flower petals - ha!).
2) Trade out your pretty shoes for a pair of your mom's Crocs - you know, the flip flop kind. Do not even consider changing out of your work clothes. What we are going for here is flip flop Crocs with black dress pants and a flowy shirt.
3) Forget brushing your daughter's hair. Your children shouldn't be seen as a reflection of you anyway.
4) Also, little mascara flakes on the dark circles under your otherwise un-made-up eyes will help.
5) Prance through the doors of Target at 8:00 PM like you haven't a care in the world.

Results guaranteed!


Amy said...

Ha! It *always* happens that way. When we lived in Lakeland Trav swore I knew the whole town because we couldn't go anywhwere without getting stopped by somebody. But back then I always had my makeup done before I went out- you know dating and all.

Mary said...

Love this. Very funny!

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

HA HA HA!!! THIS IS SO TRUE!!! Works just as well in WalMart!

Jessica said...

Uhhhh! I know how that goes. Just happened to me yesterday (minus the flip flop crocs)! I'm sorry. It is kinda funny when you hear it from somebody else though :)

mindy said...

Yes, this always happens! And when you're having a great hair day, absolutely no one is ever around to see it....argghh! Well, except yourself, that is, but that doesn't count.

lubke-moss said...

Ah yes. The ol' looking like crap you're bound to run into people you know paradox. One of my faves. :)

Christina said...

I've had great results with this tecnique as well. For extra effect put olive oil in your hair as a conditioner and wrap a bandana around your head.