Sunday, August 9, 2009


We have spent most of this weekend discussing our budget. Bleah.
I mean, everybody has to do it, but it's not very much fun, right? School is starting up and there are expenses to be considered, grocery prices are rising and gas ain't gettin' any cheaper, blah, blah, blah.
But we have found that we need to budget our time as well. We are definitely a busy family. People ask me often how we "do it all" and I have to just shake my head and reply that really, we don't. We do lots of things, but there are other things that we don't do, and for the most part, it works out to make us about as busy as the average family-of-four-with-a-dog-and-a-mortgage.
The schedule (and the budget, honestly) look a little scary on paper. When it came down to buying groceries this week, I really felt pinched. It was mostly psychological, I guess, but with dollar signs on the brain, you start looking for ways to be even more frugal than before.
And with recovery from last week on the brain as well (the car's problem is the transmission - as in, it needs one - and we all had some sort of flu which we are not quite over yet), I was looking for comfort.
Comfort and frugality.
Peaches are in season.
"In season" means super-cheap.
So, tonight, we are having peach pie.
For dinner.
It was so soothing to stand barefoot in the kitchen, wearing a cheery apron, peeling peach fuzz and rolling out pie crust.
It's soothing to smell it baking in the oven, cinnamon wafting through the air, hinting at the change of season that will be upon us sooner than we can fathom.
Maybe it was not so soothing, though, to be stuck with that Presidents of the United States of America song looping through my head...millions of peaches, peaches for me; millions of peaches, peaches for free...
As it is, though, peaches make me pretty happy - songs or no songs.

Know what else makes me happy? This picture:

This is Emma and Winnipeg. My friend Allison sent me a few pictures in the mail this week (along with my makeup bag that I left at her house - we can all understand that, with the flu and a broken car and no makeup, I looked rather a mess last week, can't we?) that she took during our Artists' Retreat.
Those two are both wearing The Face of Pure Joy.

I'll probably be wearing that same face when I get to eat my piece of pie.


agapitos said...

Very nice blog

Amy said...

Oh my, peach pie! That sounds absolutely fabulous.

So sorry for your illness. It sounds about like the nasty funk we picked up while we were there.

Love the picture of Emma and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Christie--I know it's not much, but maybe you want my car. It's a 94 Ford Escort. Maybe the only drawback is that it's a stickshift, but it gets such good gas mileage that it doesn't qualify for a "clunker." I was going to drive it until it died, but my mother-in-law gave me her Park Avenue, so I'm good. At least it would buy you time...Becky Nelson

mindy said...

that picture is the best! love it!

Christy said...

Becky - thank you *so* much! I checked with Chris and I think we're gonna make it until the car is ready, between my brother's truck and my dad's. But again...that's so kind of you. Thanks!

Mary said...

I sort of like looking at our budget. Not because I like that feeling of how far off I've gotten, but because I like it when Kris and I get on the same page...about anything. It makes me feel all inspired to be a team player.

I'm super bummed with you about the car situation. I don't know why it continues to rain and rain in some areas of life. I am thankful that God has umbrellas.

How was the pie? Did you get a picture? I've never made peach pie. I guess because, though we ate a lot of peaches, my mom never put them in a pie. I think I want to buy some peaches now I can put on my pure joy face and eat pie.

lubke-moss said...

I didn't know anyone else who knew and liked Peaches by The Presidents of the USA! High school flashback. Plus that song always reminds me of my brother. "sigh"

Christy said...

Candace - that's so funny! Practically nobody knows that song anymore :)
Mary - I totally didn't take a picture. Wish I'd thought of it now. But you really do need to make a peach pie. It's super-easy and it'll put the smile on your face for sure!