Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Weekend

Ah, summer. It's nearly over in our household.
The kids both had one final sleepover last night. Emma went to a friend's house that she hasn't seen in a long time - she's been so excited that she's hardly slept for two nights! And we ended up with one of Drew's friends over here.
I like ending up with the boys. I always know how to keep them happy - food and video games. Maybe it's because I had brothers, but maybe it's just because boys are that simple. I gave them stuff to make miniature s'mores, which was a big hit! You use a candle to roast mini marshmallows and stack them on graham cracker flavored Goldfish with bits of a snack-sized Hershey's bar. Drew's friend brought over his Wii guitar and they played Guitar Hero forever, taking frequent breaks to make another s'more. I'm sure it was guy heaven.
I had a busy week prepping for the busy season that starts on Monday. Emma's school starts this Monday and Drew's starts a week from Monday. Whew. I've been having no small amount of anxiety, wondering how I'm going to balance everything on my plate now. The thing is, though, I think a lot of it will be stuff I really love to do. So I'm counting on that to keep me sane.
I crashed last night. Somewhere around 11, I sat down to do something, laid my head down for a minute, and that was it. I was gone.
So today, I'm a little refreshed after all that sleep. I'm going to eat my cinnamon toast, drink my coffee and head out shopping with some of my favorite girlfriends to my favorite store on earth (Anthropologie!), where I'm going to spend my birthday money and a very thoughtful birthday gift card. I'm going to get something super-nice to wear because I have a date tonight with my honey. We're going to a concert (Counting Crows), which was another birthday gift.
Hey! It's like another birthday or something around here, except without getting any older. Sweet!

I heart weekends.


60ish and Glad said...

It is good to hear you actually RESTED!!!

mindy said...

hope you guys had fun at the show! it was so great hanging out and shopping yesterday.....thanks for the girl time *muah!*

frabjouspoet said...

I cannot wait to hear about the concert.

Amy said...

So sad that summer is over. Although it's nice for us to get back into a routine. I'm hopeful with you that the new transition goes smoothly and is really enjoyable to boot.

Shopping *and* and concert! That sounds fantastic.