Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mostly Lovely Random Things

1) I was really nervous about my pictures for my photography class last Thursday. I had re-shot those pictures of Emma and had not necessarily gotten better results, so I turned in a couple of the old ones (that I already posted here). I had really expected some criticism because the image was not in sharp focus or maybe my white balance wasn't right or something. I was unsatisfied with the photos, and I was self-conscious & worried that they wouldn't be good enough. But my professor actually liked them a lot - along with several other people in the class. That really boosted my confidence! He said I should shoot some more of the same set-up and I think I will. Maybe tomorrow. Also, there's going to be a student art show and I can submit up to three pieces for consideration. I've never, never, never done anything like that. Self-confidence issues, I guess. But I think I'm going to do it this time. I have a few ideas about what to submit, but I need to think on it a while. I'm really stoked.

2) It's been a busier week than I had expected. We're all pretty tired, but we're dog-sitting for my out-of-town parents, which means chilling out in the leather sectional and watching lots of cable TV. Aside from the sleep loss that comes with watching Food Network into the wee hours of the morning, it feels pretty nice to crash. Crashing comes with the catching-up consequences later, but it's worth it for now.

3) Physical therapy progress on the stupid neck and back injuries is one step forward, two steps back. I didn't think those typical "injury-isms" would apply to me, but they do. I'm not in debilitating pain at this time, but some of my injuries are permanent. Some days, I feel pretty good. Some days, I don't feel pretty good. Oh well. Within a couple of weeks, though, my appointments should start to dwindle and I am so looking forward to returning to my regularly scheduled, uh, schedule.

4) We took Emma shopping, today, so she could spend her birthday money. The first thing we headed for was the shoe department. Retail therapy. Nice.

5) We were at our house this evening to visit the birds and pick up fresh clothes to bring to my parents' house (see #1), and I decided to play a little bit of piano. Now, my fancy books - the Chopin, the Bach, the Debussy - were all at my mom's house. So, I played whatever I could find. I started to think that I might need to pick a Christmas song for my little pre-school choir to sing (it's just two girls, but they're so cute). As I played, I sang a little, and before I knew it, both of my kids were at my side, singing along with me. It was such a special little moment of time. That kind of thing can never be my idea - if Mom suggests it, it's lame. But it's so cool when it just happens. I love that music is so pervasive in my family. I love it that it's not a question of whether you'll play an instrument, it's just a question of which instrument you'll play. And I really, really love the moments when music becomes something a little bit more tangible that we all can enjoy together.


claibornes corner said...

You will do great in the art show - your photos are very very good and I love that the kids were singing with you! SHOES!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Aw. Sweet moment around the piano. I love it. Way to go in that photography class too. I'm glad you are considering putting yourself out there. I hope you are completely amazed at how much people love your work.

Amy said...

That sounds like a lovely week-end...minus the injuries.

I have yet to experience the joy of kids singing around a piano. My kids usually complain or run to their room when we start playing. I'm hopeful that one day that will change. It's nice that your kiddos chimed in.