Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, at least there's...

There are lots of things that I don't like about working for The Lutherans*. Don't get me wrong - that's where my heritage is. I have more relatives serving the Lutheran church than anything else. You can throw my mom's maiden name around in Lutheran circles and everyone instantly respects you. I just disagree with some of their theology and a lot of the ways they go about doing what they do. My job is just a job. I do it well. I try to have a good attitude. But I really do get frustrated with it, too. The few who are privy to my true feelings on spiritual matters can tell instantly if I am about to blow up and say something stupid at work. They stand back a little bit and give me warning glances and help me to remember my place. I love them - or her. Really there's just the one.
Where was I?
Oh yes. There are lots of things I don't like about being smack-dab in the middle of an organization that I don't support. But there is one thing. One blessed, wonderful, good Saving Grace. Come this time of year, they all celebrate The Reformation by having Octoberfests (and, you know, special church services too...). And you know what's great about that? Sometimes, there are sausages & sauerkraut left over that church secretaries can have for lunch.
Let no one say I'm not connected to my German heritage. Hear that, Mom?
Now I just need a beer...

Daily Bliss: some really nice new yarn & a tiny project that's already done
Wake-up Playlist: No You Girls, Franz Ferdinand

*Just to be clear, I don't mean to be inflammatory and I don't want to even try to have a deep discussion about spirituality - mine or anyone else's - online. Plus, I know for a fact that most Lutherans are quite capable of poking fun at themselves.


Mary said...

I like that stuff too. I sometimes wonder why I like it, but I like it none the less.

Amy said...

I think it's funny that the thing you're thankful for (besides a really good friend) is sausage and sauerkraut. I don't remember ever being thankful for sauerkraut as a kid. Glad it makes you happy and that you're not allergic to it :)

claibornes corner said...

I live the sausages too!!!!!

60ish and Glad said...

Well, humm, maybe you are more German than I. You can keep the sausage and kraut - give me a room full of pompous pastors belting out a Mighty Fortress is Our God! Then give me a German Beer!