Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'd like to take a minute to offer profuse thanks to a few people who have been indispensable to my survival over the last month or so. I mean it. I might have keeled over if it hadn't been for these kind souls.
This episode in Christy's Life was brought to you today by:

My friend from work came to help me out with my end of things for Mindy's baby shower. She cut out all. those. triangles. for the buntings. She helped me make a bazillion cupcakes. She was a trooper and stayed up way late with me. Without her, I would not have slept at all (see Christmas Eve 2008) and probably would not have finished my tasks either.

My sister-in-law, who not only marvelously co-hosted the aforementioned baby shower, but hosted a fab pizza party for Emma on her birthday. I was teaching piano lessons until 7 PM on Emma's birthday and there was absolutely no way I would have been able to do something that special. As a matter of fact, the only thing I had to do on Emma's birthday was bring a cake. I bring cakes all the time, right? That should be simple. But things were so bad that I actually, well...let's just say there was dry, crumbly vegan chocolate cake in all corners of my kitchen exactly ten minutes before I had to leave to teach piano. So, thank you Sarah.

My Mom
'Cause, you know, she's my mom. Two words from her can make me cry - in a good way. You know, when you really need to cry and you're just holding it in? And then your mom just says something simple and you lose it? Yeah. That happened a few times. She watched my kids a lot when Chris was out of town. She fed us surprise dinner once or twice. And she accomplished sundry tasks and favors of a similar nature.

Denise has been my friend since we were 6 & 8 years old. I was the one that was 6. She watches my kids every summer and always shows up a little early to the party, just in case help is needed. In this case, she showed up the night before Emma's party. Actually, she called me moments after the Birthday Cake Incident and said it had been on her mind to offer some help for Emma's party. That timing was Divine, I tell you. I am not one that readily accepts help, but I knew at that moment that I needed it. And help she did. She was my adorable-party-favor-maker and she was my cupcake-froster-and-decorator. She hung the "Happy Birthday Emma!" banner because she's rather tall (Emma calls her "majestic"). And I'm rather not. She stayed until she was bleary-eyed and I feared she wouldn't drive safely. And then she came back the next morning for more!

Because she gave me the most adorable little nephew to squeeze on and to give me happy thoughts that helped me make it through this incredibly tough month.

Lots of other people helped me, too. Picking up a kid from school here, listening to me complain there - you know, good friend stuff.

But I must, must, must mention the biggest Sponsor of all -
My Honey.
As far as husbanding goes, he really has his work cut out for him. I am lots of work. I wrecked his car (not my fault, but still) and I got myself hurt and he had to pull extra duty during a season when he was already pulling more than his fair share of our family burden due to me traipsing around and taking photography classes, teaching piano lessons and generally finding myself. He has made dinners and supervised lots of homework. He has sat through ballet every dang Thursday. He has listened to me weep at 3:00 in the morning, exhausted and trying to finish a present for someone - and that has happened more than once in the last month. He has been patient in a way I've never seen him be. He has been attentive in ways I don't deserve. He has been steadier and stronger than I could dare to ask. In short, I don't know what I'd do without that man.

Lots of times, people ask me how I do everything I do. People sometimes think I'm some sort of super-woman. Well, I'm not. I'm surrounded by people who pick up the slack and who clean up the messes I make and who inexplicably love me anyway. So it all gets done, but it isn't always me doing it.
Now you know.


Amy said...

You are a very.blessed.woman.

claibornes corner said...

that was very sweet of you and I do think Chris is a keeper!!! You are pretty awesome yourself so don't forget that..

mindy said...

girl, you have SO been there for me these past two months...i only wish i could've been more help to you with all the projects you've had going on. but if a sweet little nephew to love on helps, i'm happy to do what i can! :)

btw, i finally posted on my blog...yay! it's nice to be back in the blogosphere.

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

I'd just like to say... you know, for the record... that YOU have actually cleaned up some messes I've made and picked up slack for me and managed to still love me anyway.... I'm just sayin....

I love you!

Mary said...

Bless you Christy. I know it's such a wonderfully humbling thing to accept that sort of selfless service from others. God must really like you.

60ish and Glad said...

Hmmm! It's nice to see how others do love on you. You do deserve it you know...come on stop the do deserve to be loved on.