Sunday, February 28, 2010


Dear Knitting,
I know you have my mojo.
I would like it back now.
I have searched for hours, looking for the perfect hat pattern to hide my growing-out-because-I-want-braids hair. I have decided on no less than three different patterns, finding my stash or needle supply to be lacking something required for each. Heck, I finally searched for slouchy lace hats, knitted with worsted weight cotton yarn on needles between the sizes of 5 and 10 and came up with a superb example. I gathered my yarn. I printed my pattern. I pawed through the glass jar where I keep my needles.
I came up with my size six set of double-pointeds and discovered that I am short by two. How can that happen?
I have looked in my knitting bag, all my purses and secret yarn-hiding hole in this house. They are nowhere to be found.
Obviously, this is all your fault.
What happened between us? Is it the Fun Fur scarf I'm working on? You know I would never offer you acrylic novelty yarn if it were up to me. My friend brought the yarn to me and needed help - she doesn't know how to knit. What else was I supposed to do? So I cast on a no-brainer scarf for her - so what?
Yes, it's soft and fuzzy, but it's not fulfilling in the way that alpaca laceweight can be. Don't even get me started on the angora yarn I almost spent my month's grocery budget on at the state fair!
Listen. Here's the deal.
If you give me back my mojo, once this scarf is finished, we'll cast on something yummy. Cashmere? No problem. That buttery soft, cloud-colored merino laceweight that I got for Christmas? Absolutely. I promise to use my nice bamboo needles too.
Do we have a deal?

<3 me


claibornes corner said...

That was so funny!! I looking forward to learning enough to try some yummy yarn!!

Amy said...

You're so funny!

Becky Nelson said...

Aside from the yarn stash at my desk, remember there is a whole assortment of knitting needles and crochet hooks...I know what you mean though. It kind of zaps the creative juices to have to hunt so long just to get a project started!

Christy said...

LOL - Becky, I don't suppose you have a set of size 4 double pointeds in that stash?