Sunday, February 21, 2010


We had the loveliest weekend.
Friday, we kept the kids out of school and went to Universal Studios. We had some free passes, so, we were really excited to go! The kids had lots of fun and we finally talked Andrew into his first real roller coaster. He's not exactly Mr. Risk-Taker. There was money exchanged.
I have no problem with bribing my children.
Saturday morning, I attended a lovely brunch in celebration of my friend's birthday. I got to play with her camera and take some pictures of the party (I sure hope there were a few good ones, Christina!). I left straight from there to shoot the portraits of my friend Allison's that I showed you yesterday. And then I got to start photographing for my homework assignment. I pretty much spent the whole weekend with a camera in my hand. Not a bad deal, I suppose.
This week's assignment will involve gathering lots of images in order to illustrate a poem/song lyric. Of course, I'm going with a song lyric. All will be revealed in time. Mostly, I'm just saying that because I'm too tired to explain any of this in any sort of detail.
So, I still have lots of images to gather up. After church this morning, Chris and I took the kids out to a nature preserve in search of a certain plant I'm hoping to photograph. We didn't have much luck finding it, but the weather was so absolutely beautiful! We just meandered around the trails, looking at the water, listening to the birds,

and we ran across this little armadillo!

He was just rooting around in the dirt, blissfully unaware of our presence. I've heard that they can't see very well at all. He crossed our path quite close, nose to the ground, sifting through dirt and dried grasses. It was almost as if he'd misplaced his house and was hoping to stumble across it any moment.
I know most people don't like armadillos, but we thought him rather nice and especially adorable.

Daily Bliss: the hubs - cracking me up today with one-liners at every turn


claibornes corner said...

cute little critter!!!!

mindy said...

we had SO much fun with you guys at universal! what a perfect day it was.

and somehow, some way, you made that little armadillo look cute.....and you know how i feel about armadillos. ;)

Amy said...

I'm not sure about a cute armadillo but they do fascinate me when I see them in the wild.

Can you believe that I've never been to Universal Studios? I was more of a Disney/Busch Gardens/Sea World kind of gal. Sounds like fun though.