Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Much

There is too much life that has happened to me in the last week to cover here in a post. Too, too, too much.
Life has come at me fast lately, but I have been pressing on toward the goal of Friday-of-this-week. Until then, I have had loads of piano music to learn, loads of students to work with and some performances I'm getting paid for and am a little nervous that I won't be able to pull off.
But after Friday, life will settle into the wonderful new normal I've chosen for myself. I will have my daytime hours free (mostly) for creating and making music. I'll be teaching and busy in the afternoons, but the white space will be back in my life. I am so looking forward to making sense of my home and my self again.
On top of this being the busy season for pianists, and me being new at it and stuff, our house was broken into last week. Most of you already know that via Facebook or Twitter, but I thought I'd put it out here too.
I wasn't home and neither were the kids and I am so, so deeply grateful for that. Our back window was broken so the men could get in and they, well, they really knew what they were doing.
We don't have a lot of valuables, to be honest. We don't have much. But they managed to find nearly everything we own that had value. A few pieces of special jewelry, our small electronics, the kids' game systems - that sort of thing. They stuffed it into one of Andrew's backpacks and headed out the back door.

But they didn't count on my neighbor being there.

He has an alarm in his back yard that alerts him to activity in the alley behind our houses and he saw what was going on. He called 911 right away. The police were already nearby and cut the guys off at the end of the alley, with all of our stuff still on them!

So. Bad guys are in jail. We have our stuff. And our neighbor even boarded up the back window for us so we didn't freeze in this weird weather we're having.

Stress? Yeah, maybe. But I'm too busy living my life right to even think about it. We were violated, yes, but it's over. We're moving on.

And I totally made my neighbor some cookies - the vegan white chocolate chip lime ones that I make for very special occasions. Some of you have had those cookies at my house and you know that they are quite a reward indeed. Maybe they're not quite enough to express the gratitude we have for our wonderful neighbor's quick thinking and actions, but it's a start.

Daily Bliss: spending time outside with my kids on a gorgeous day
Wake-up Playlist: There have been so many songs in my head, it's really hard to say which one is the first one every day! This feature will be back with more regularity soon.


Mary said...

I have never heard of those cookies, but I am pretty sure I'll be making some. Wow.

mindy said...

randy to the rescue! what a great neighbor he is. definitely deserving of the white chocolate lime cookie goodness.

once again, i'm SO glad that this potentially horrible situation ended as well as it possibly could for you guys.

Amy said...

I have actually eaten the cookies...mmmmm...I love them.

It sounds like you're handling the whole break-in thing pretty well. I'm not sure I'd handle it so calmly. And I too am thankful that nobody was home.

frabjouspoet said...

I think of your wake up playlist now everyday. I seem to only have Pearl Jam songs in my head when I wake up. Yours are so much more interesting.

Becky Nelson said...

I am so thankful to God for giving you an awesome neighbor, for hard-working public officers, and His obvious hand of provision in your life. :)