Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Turned In

I did end up turning in several of the butterfly pictures for my homework tonight, after I tweaked them a bit to brighten them up. I also turned in pictures of my ancient camellia bush that lives in my back yard. I'm not going to post the whole series of both here, just a few of my favorite shots in their edited state.

Next week's assignment, and I would presume past next week as well, is pretty Photoshop-intensive. I'll be hunting and gathering lots of images and a few lines of poetry too and I know this isn't one that you guys will want to try at this point. I know some of you are wanting to post some photos related to the last couple of assignments I've had, so now's your chance!

Mom, I promise there will be typewriter pictures soon.

Daily Bliss: chocolate for lunch and kissin' on my baby nephew
Wake-up Playlist: Ordinary World, Duran Duran


Denise said...

chocolate for lunch sounds perfect...and oh that nephew of yours is ever so kissable...and huggable!

60ish and Glad said...

oh goodie on the typewriter. Wish I could have done a bunch in Chicago. I guess I love flower shots

Amy said...

I.love.them.all. They also make me homesick :(

Leslie said...

Love 'em. I especially like the picture with the tree trunk in it. It speaks to me. . .well, whispers, really ; ) So, I did the "different angle" assignment. . .kind of. I took pictures of the flowers my husband got me for V-day, and one of them turned out really cool, I thought.

Are you enjoying II as much as I?

Christy said...

Hey Leslie! I'd love to see your pictures...hint, hint...you could email? christysallee@gmail.com...
Professor Woods liked the same one you did - the trunk. You have good taste :)
II is definitely more of a challenge. I'm liking it as much, but in a different way. Not as much the giddiness that I had in I, more of a "Whew! I did it!"