Monday, November 8, 2010


Where was I? Oh yes. Way back in October I started telling you about our Halloween weekend.
We spent Saturday morning at an outdoor event called Water, Wings and Wild Things. We got to meet all sorts of wonderful critters. Like this guy:

The Audubon Society was there with these sweet birds:

Have I mentioned that I love birds? Maybe once or twice? Hm. Okay. Well, I do.

Later that night, we went to a fall party at the home of some friends.

Of course, there was a bonfire for roasting marshmallows & hot dogs too.

It was a wonderful weekend, even if it does seem like it was quite a while ago already. Life has a way of interrupting, don't you think? By the time you realize you've been interrupted, things have already moved on from where you thought you were.
Ah, well.
Onward and upward.


Mary said...

Oh how I wish you could come to all my parties so you could take pictures like that. Well, I'd like your company too, but wow, the pictures would be quite a bonus. :)

I'm glad you can remember past the interruption. Sometimes interruptions such as that one can erase a lot. Nothing else seems to have any importance when our loved ones are bidding us to question what's around the corner.

I love birds too. Especially little fat ones.

claibornes corner said...

So glad things are "almost" back to normal - keep the pictures..

Amy Button said...

I love the critters! And the big kid and the all sounds lovely.

mindy said...

Great photos! Love the last one of the firepit. And that owl sure is a hoot...sorry, couldn't resist.

Christy said...

Thanks ladies :) Mary - I would really love to photograph your parties! So, it sounds like a win-win.
And Min? Snicker.