Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My classes this morning were canceled and I couldn't have been more relieved. To say that I'm tired is an understatement. Chris is gone on the last leg of his business travel for this fall and the pressures are mounting as my semester comes to a close - a research paper here, a recital there, etc. Couple that with the busy family life we have and my professional life too and I am simply overwhelmed and underslept.
On our route to Andrew's school every morning, we drive past a lake. It isn't much to see, really. There are lots of lakes in town. But this morning, it was shrouded in thick fog. All I could see across its still water was a buoy and its own reflection and I instantly regretted the fact that I didn't have my camera. Once in a while (or slightly more often), I get an overwhelming need to take a picture of something. Not being prepared when the moment hits is rather devastating. But you know what?
My classes were canceled.
I dropped off both of my kids and picked up my camera from home, returning to the lake, intent on snatching up the morning for myself before the rest of my life grabbed it away. Do you want to see what I saw?
I thought maybe you would.

I've been feeling, sort of, feeling-ish lately, if you know what I mean (and I know you do, or you would have long since stopped reading my nonsense). Those moments that I stole for myself this morning did more to shore me up for the next few weeks than nearly anything else I can imagine.
I hope that you, my dear ones, can look for a few moments to capture for yourself before the insanity of the holiday season takes over. I promise it will be just the thing.


Pengiknits said...

I love the spiderweb pictures!

Amy Button said...

I love it when you take pictures :)

And these are just fabulous. I hesitate to say that they're the best of yours because you always take great ones, but these are really, really great.

Oh, and I think the lakes are spectacular. When I lived there I'd always drive by them if I could even though it took longer. I love them.

Christy said...

Thanks girls <3

Mary said...

My goodness. Your "just the thing," may have been mine as well. How soothing those are. I'm so glad your classes were canceled.

frabjouspoet said...

Solidarity, my dear friend. I completely understand--that's how I'm feeling about writing these days. I think the last picture is my favorite. It captures something that speaks to me.

Christy said...

Me too Alli :) It's my favorite. I should love the pretty trees most, but it's that dewey, spider-webby branch in the fog that I love.