Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last Sunday, we packed up the kids and went to Busch Gardens with Joe and Mindy and, of course, Nolan too. It was a windy, rainy, chilly day, but it was perfect. There were no crowds and that meant there were also no lines for the rides!

Oh heavens. There's my husband holding that baby. Swoon.

There were lots of fun rides.

The train ride around the park was a little more my speed, though.

Drew made friends with a sweet Lorikeet.

Nolan saw his first elephant.

He was pretty impressed!

The meerkats and flamingos were my favorites, though.

It was just a seriously fun day with my favorite people - my family.


Mary said...

These are GREAT! Love the shot of your most favorites. And that little Nolan. I tell ya. He's somethin'.

Amy Button said...

I love Busch Gardens! It's funny to see you guys in caps there. So I'm guessing that the water rides were a no-go for the day?

I'm so glad you had a great time with your favorite people. I think that sounds like a perfect day.

mindy said...

such an incredibly fun time! i kinda feel like we've spent half the month of december with you guys....hope you're not getting tired of us! ;)

Christy said...

Mary - Thanks! And yeah. He is.

Amy - definitely no water rides that day! It was cold and windy and rainy!

Mindy - never. Never, ever tired of you <3