Friday, December 31, 2010


Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.
Every year, I post a sweet picture of my honey and me all dressed up and heading out for dinner. Or smooching. And I usually sum up our year a little bit in that same post.
This year held something a little different for us.
We already knew it would be kind of a bummer day because we would be driving back from a holiday visit with Chris' family, but they brought us such a lovely present which made it even more miserable.
The stomach flu.

The kids both got hit with it on the way home and, well, I'll spare you most of the details. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably already got more details than you wanted. So far, Chris and I are fine, but I don't feel very confident we'll escape. A tiny car and sick kiddos doesn't bode well for our health.

As for the year, there have been many happy changes. Perhaps too many happy changes. We are feeling a overwhelmed by the fullness of our life at the moment. I have found myself keeping the sort of schedule for my family that I have always silently judged other mothers for keeping. You know the one - it's the only-time-for-fast-foot, homework-in-the-car, not-right-now-sweetie-I'm-too-busy schedule. Reassessments will happen. Changes will be made. Just not right now. I'm too busy.

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Amy Button said...

I've said it already, but I'm really sooooo sorry your kiddos were so sick :( And I really hope you guys dodge that bullet.

No judging here...I'd love for you to be less busy for your sake though. College was insane for me and I only had one kid and no husband. The practice time, recital requirements, homework, blah, blah, blah...I don't envy that schedule.