Sunday, December 12, 2010

One More Something

Andrew had a concert.

Check out that super awesome bass player!

If you grew up here and were ever in band, you remember this auditorium and its giant Christmas decorations very well. It's really fun to attend his concerts in the very same place so many of mine were held.
I also had a concert a couple of weeks ago. And Emma has one this week. And everybody has a recital on Saturday.
All good things, they are, it's just that there are so many!


Mary said...

That's a big bow.

Owen's elementary Christmas concert was supposed to be tonight but has been delayed until January because of the weather. I'm not sad about that.

Amy Button said...

It sounds like so much to do. It's amazing to me how well you're handling it all.

But I hope you all get some rest soon :D

frabjouspoet said...

Do I ever remember those Christmas decorations! I also know the story behind them! Let's just say that a certain pianist had a hand in them.