Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today is my wedding anniversary. Fourteen years of wedded...well, anybody who's been married more than six months knows it's not all bliss.
But it's nice to have that perspective. The good times are better when you know you've survived some bad. The commitments become stronger when you realize that sometimes, that's all you have to hold you together.
This man is a wonderful, steady rock of a man. He's my calm and sanity (what of it I choose to take).
He had no idea what he was signing up for when he eagerly asked for my hand. I didn't either. I would probably have warned him if I'd known he was destined for a life of yarn and thread, mess and chaos.
For the most part, he's not sorry about it. That's the great mystery of the two of us. We are so vastly different, but we still work in our own way. We're a couple unlike most you'll meet, at least I've been told so. We make people laugh.

We are getting better and better at this.


claibornes corner said...

Happy Happy Anniversary - seems like yesterday you were in MY wedding! We love you and Chris very much (and don't forget those OTHER two) - Love Nana and Uncle Kenny....

Mary said...

Congratulations!!!! It's not an easy road. Thanks for sticking with it. You two are quite the handsome pair. God bless!

60ish and Glad said...

So the photos aren't too shabby. The best part is about now you realize that arguing is a waste of time. it is better to laugh at - whatever it is - than get mad about it.

Amy said...

You look gorgeous darlin'! Congratulations!