Thursday, December 11, 2008


I should post. It should be something deep and meaningful.
We are celebrating Advent, as is our tradition, and it is beautiful and peaceful.
I am making lots of presents. I'm a little behind, but they're all turning out nicely. There are deep and meaningful thoughts going on in my head, but I just haven't had the right moments to fully capture them.
Things are busy, you see, and we are about to hit (next week) the week of Christmas Crazy that leaves you bleary-eyed and messy-haired and wondering what happened.
Oh wait. I'm in big trouble there.
I caught sight of myself in the mirror yesterday and I was looking a lot like that already. I had pieces of hair sticking up everywhere around my glasses, which were perched slightly askew on top of my head. I had circles under my eyes (late-night knitting, people) and streaks of mascara prancing across my temples (presumably a sleepy eye-swipe, but who knows?).
And guess what?
So far, I'm fine. When I look like that, messy and wild, I know I've been having fun. I have so many Christmas secrets in my head that it may burst open. But that would probably be nice, too. Knitted gifts, scented handmade soaps, Christmas cookies and filled-up stockings would probably come flying out and fill the room. And then my to-do list would be finished. Hmmm. Must look into the consequences of allowing my head to burst open....
Sure, I'm a little frustrated because I won't have time to make these beautiful Christmas package sashes that Amy Butler designed, and I'll probably have to just use plastic bows. Oh well. I'm a lot less frustrated about it than I was last year. That's progress, right? I probably won't have time to make hand-stamped, glittered gift tags either. Crap. Those are lots of fun.
But you know what? I'm having more fun than a person should be allowed to have anyway. I should be satisfied with all this fun, so I'm working on it. I'm working on letting go of my quest for more and more fun to cram into my life.
Because, really. I'm pretty sure this is all the fun I can handle.
There's absolutely no telling what I'd look like if I added any more.

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Mary said...

that's so cool.

frabjouspoet said...

I'm laughing at the image of a bundle of colored yard and knitting needles and ribbon and essential oils popping from your head. The story of Zeus and Athena comes to mind. (I hope i remembered my mythology correctly.)

claibornes corner said...

I'm glad you are just having fun - don't forget to pamper yourself a little - Hey, I knitted one row tonight. Maybe I'll have a doggie blankie by next year!!!

Amy said...

So glad your Christmas crafting is coming along *and* you're enjoying it. I can't wait to see pics of everything.