Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Old Friends

Yesterday, we got together with some new old friends, Amy & Travis and their girls. There really isn't a classification for this relationship.
Travis and I have known each other for a long time. He's a little older than I am, but he always had a way of making me feel like I was brilliant and witty, skilled in Language Arts and on the piano. My 13-year-old confidence was really boosted by the way he and his friend Kevin treated me - like I was some kind of wunderkind. We knew each other through our teenaged years and his younger brother was one of my boys. I had three of them. Three boys that were my dearest friends throughout my growing-up years.
There aren't many people I have run across in life that really understand my sense of humor. I'm kind of a weird kid - I always was the weird kid. But Travis...he gets it. Maybe I learned some of it from him, now that I think about it.
When he met Amy, he was so obviously smitten. We could all see it. And we all were so happy - that kind of love couldn't have happened to a better guy. She and I met here and there - at wedding showers and those kinds of things. I always thought she was so beautiful.
Enter the blogosphere.
We've connected again, reading each others' blogs. There's history, so you can't really say that we're blog friends. But we really didn't know each other well before that. So, I guess I'd have to say we're new old friends.
They have a daughter about Emma's age and the two of them seem, from afar, to be such kindred spirits. They made the last-minute decision to head here to Florida for Christmas and we were so excited to meet up with them!
It was so unusual, sitting at a table, having easy conversation as old friends do, knowing that we'd never sat across the table and chatted before. We had lots of fun! Loads of laughs and great conversation. Oh - and the girls? Chloe and Emma? Fast friends.

They have traded blog information and plan to keep up with each other too.
Here's a photo of all their beautiful girls and mine (Andrew' didn't really want to be in the picture):

Thanks for the fun, guys! Let's do it again soon, okay?


60ish and Glad said...

WELL. now. How wonderful is that! I was hoping for a photo of Mr. Button as I haven't seen him since he was a kid. I will check Amy's blog!

Amy said...

Whew! We just got home- it was a rushed trip but was totally worth it.

We had so much fun with you guys! It was almost like we'd known each other forever. Chloe *loved* Emma and has been talking about her since. We'll definitely do it again when we get back to town :)