Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still Going....

Okay. Where were we?
Emma's Christmas performance was Wednesday. She is the one that it would seem, on the surface, is a stage hog. A ham. A natural performer. But she really isn't. She's great in living rooms, but stages make her nervous.
There was lots of excitement, though, mixed in with the nerves. She dressed in her lovely Christmas dress and we blew her hair dry and I let her wear a little mascara and some lip gloss. And she got up on the stage, sang her heart out, and sort of hid a little bit behind the girl in front of her. It was nearly impossible to catch a photo of her on the stage.

When it was done, she was so relieved and happy. We went out for hot chocolate and a cookie with everyone who came and got to bed very late.

Thursday was the Christmas party for her class. She is still going to a private school and the party was hosted by one of the moms at their (very nice, very big) house. I would like to state that I think it was a little excessive. They hired a Santa Claus, who was in the front yard waving as the school bus pulled up.

That's all. I don't really feel like complaining right now.
Excessive or not, the kids had a great time and decorated cookies

and played Reindeer Games.

Emma and I were very busy making some things out of beeswax and honey. She grabbed the camera and wanted to take pictures of the ingredients. Before I even knew what was happening, she had stacked the beeswax cubes up and was framing her shot. She decided something was missing and grabbed the jar of honey too.

That's my girl.

My grandpa is back in the hospital. They've been running more tests and took him in just this morning for a triple by-pass. At 85, that's kind of a dicey call, but there really isn't a choice. We had quite a time last night trying to balance that news with all the plans and commitments we had, considering it is the last Friday before Christmas, and I find myself today rather exhausted. I'm not angry, not depressed, know...all those things that people complain about when Christmas time and Life Drama intersect. But I'm just tired. My mom is tired. My kids are a little worried about their Gpa and I am too.
But the parade marches on. We have Andrew's recital tonight with the music studio where he takes lessons, and then we're done with outside obligations. Then, we will tuck in and bake cookies and wrap all the crazy presents. We will run to Walgreen's at 11:30 because we realized we forgot batteries. We will sit down in our full, warm, candle-lit house and soak in the peace of traditions and love and quietly celebrate the birth of Emmanuel, God With Us. Because He is.

DAILY BLISS: an impromptu hula dance in my living room with Becky, her daughter, my daughter and me - a little ridiculous, but it was really fun


Mary said...

"tired" covers a lot. It magnifies all those other things if they are there and sort of clouds the good stuff. Rest overcomes a lot and since I know you know that I won't tell you to get some. Enjoy the parade, rest will come eventually.

Praying for Grandpa.

60ish and Glad said...

I could use a hula dance right now!