Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Mushroom

My hair guy and his wife are having their first baby soon and I wanted to make a little somethin' for the little guy. I came across this pattern for a toadstool-shaped rattle and I absolutely fell in love. Actually, I came across the pattern first and started trying to think of someone who might want one. I'm not as thoughtful of others as I'd like it to sound. Whatever.
But isn't it cute?

The pattern is free, from the Purl Bee, if you're interested. I love the little spots on the cap. Just to give you an idea of how wonderfully chunky it is, here it is in my hand:

Ugh. Please ignore my horrendous fingernails. Maybe I need to get a manicure person too. But that would be just more presents to make. I can't commit to that.

We enjoyed one of my favorite Christmas season traditions last night - the annual White Christmas viewing with my brother and his lurvely wife Mindy. They were kind enough to stop at Starbucks and pick up hot chocolate for everyone. We provided the sofa and the candy canes. And Mindy and I sang our annual duet - "Sisters." Well, we also sang pretty much all of the other songs in the movie too. But we're considering working up the dance number for next year's viewing.
Andrew laughed and laughed at Danny Kaye's mugging and Emma stared dreamily at the dresses. The husbands bore with us heroically. And for just a few minutes, we were all still and quiet and in one place. It was so nice. I do adore that Bing Crosby. I have lots of his records (yep - actual vinyl ones).

DAILY BLISS: My mom's childhood ornaments (Shiny Brites, of course) in an apothecary jar. I must get around to taking a picture....I love to just stare at them.


Mary said...

Very nice toadstool. Love the colors you used. Fun.

Kate said...

I love White Christmas! I too stare at the beautiful dress. I marvel at the dancing and singing. I love Rosemary Clooney.

What a great tradition!

Amy said...

That mushroom is too,too cute!

I love White Christmas- and Bing Crosby too! I love the dresses, the songs, the *technicolor*, the dancing...I'm watching that one soon.

Liz said...


Geri said...

I love the mushroom too. Very cute, very chunky! I also love White Christmas and Bing Crosby.