Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday.
But you all knew that, didn't you?
I've said before that numbers don't mean much to me - they really don't. I usually can't tell you how old I am without doing the math. I didn't even realize which birthday was sneaking up until somebody mentioned it was kind of a big one. And I though about it and decided that yes, maybe it was a big one.
It was a wonderful day.
I hope to post more details soon.
(And yes - that is some new ink peeking out of my shirt. It's not finished yet, so, I'm not showing it off yet.)


frabjouspoet said...

I am so happy that it was a good birthday! This pic is gorgeous!

Tavia said...

happy belated birthday

Amy Button said...

Happy, happy birthday! Can't wait to see your new ink :)

Mary Kelso said...

I do think about numbers a lot...not prices...but other numbers.

I'm very glad you had a wonderful birthday and I'm looking forward to the details.