Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This day has already been long and it's only 1:30.
Let's begin with the fact that I could not eat breakfast today.
I have a fitness agreement with my chiropractor and today was my BMI check-in, which meant I had to come in with an empty stomach. I don't know why that really matters, but I wasn't about to argue. Did I make progress? I don't know. I don't remember what it was last time, since numbers hold very little meaning to me.

But I got a call, a text, and an email from my college warning me that there had been a bomb threat. This is the second bomb threat in the last month. But I am not in classes, so it should be of no consequence.

Except that my children are both in summer camps at the college.

On separate campuses.

No matter. Arrangements were quickly made for retrievals and rescheduling of other things, but it was still a nuisance.

I received a phone call from my husband with information about a kitten. This kitten had showed up under our carport a couple of days ago, hungry and mewing. It was tiny and obviously not well and also obviously not part of the out-of-control feral cat population in my neighborhood. My heart had gone completely to mush for this hungry baby and I bought a little cat food, but we couldn't find her after we got home. Cut to this morning, when she reappeared under some bushes. Her condition had definitely worsened. We broke out the food and she didn't know what to do with it. I couldn't let this poor dear suffer and, although we really shouldn't have a cat (allergies, pet birds, etc...), I absolutely wanted to take Her Royal Sweetness into our home.
Fortunately, I have a friend with connections to our local SPCA and she agreed to take the tiny kitters in to see their vet.
I was still a little hopeful, even though my friend confirmed that she was very sick, but we got the sad news a couple hours later that the vet had determined it was better for her to be put down. We are heartbroken in this house today. Of course, we know that it was a much better end for this kitten than being left in the dirt to starve for who-knows-how-much longer, but still - we are heartbroken.

So, having handled bomb threats and the death of a kitten on an empty stomach and only one cup of coffee, all before noon, I have decided to take the rest of the day off from disaster. I just sat down with more coffee and a piece of chocolate birthday pie and, though I don't know what I will do with my afternoon, I know that I will not be setting foot outside my front door, lest the sky begin to fall.

Also, is it just me or does it seem like my carport is turning into a wildlife rescue shelter?


Amy Button said...

Girl, that calls for extra coffee and a trip to the beach or Disney World or something really awesome. I'm so, so sorry. Even though I can't have a kitten, I'd be completely heartbroken if I found one and it didn't make it :(

frabjouspoet said...

I'm heartbroken along with you.

Mary Kelso said...

I sincerely hope yesterday was much better.