Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, I turned 35 a bit ago.
This post is a little late, but I promised details and a promise is a promise.
It was truly a wonderful day - from all the greetings on facebook to wonderful presents and, quite frankly, the cake.
I had a lovely breakfast with my family and lunch with my mom and middle brother in a nearby town's best local spot. My baby brother and his lovely wife Mindy hosted us for dinner. So, of course, we got to visit with my little nephew.

My brother really knows how to cook a mean steak.
Birthday dinner? Oh yes. Incredible.

We had to wait a while after dinner before we could handle the cake.
S'mores cake-in-a-jar.
Lots of people were a little incredulous that I made my own birthday cake. But the truth is, I knew what I wanted and I hated to ask somebody to do all the work. Since I have food allergies, this cake meant that I had to make the marshmallows from scratch and use a vegan cake recipe and...well...I already know how to do those things pretty well. It was totally worth the work. Plus, we all know that I like doing that kind of work, so...I didn't mind making my own birthday cake at all.
We brewed up some French press coffee (which my kids also love) and played a couple hands of rummy.

I like being 35. It's going to be a good year.


Mary Kelso said...

I often make my own birthday cake. Sometimes that's the only way to get what I really want.

Is s'mores cake in a jar an original. I've never seen anything like it and I seriously want some.

Looks like it was a beautiful birthday!

Christy said...

I wish it was an original! Here's the link (I used my own marshmallows & cake batter):

Amy Button said...

I totally get it. I wouldn't want to put anybody through the gluten free baking process...although I'll say that a lot of friends/family have been sweet to offer.

The smores cake...whaaat? That looks awesome.It's possible that I'll try it.

Mary Kelso said...

Okay...yours look better than the originals. Thanks for the link. I may have to try this sometime. I can only imagine how much fun that is to serve someone. :)