Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Some Stuff

1) Having had a frank conversation with my brother (who's in real estate) about the current housing market and particularly the historic housing market, our selling-and-moving adventure is now over, faster than it began. We have been working on a few projects, getting the little place in tip top shape. And now, we get to enjoy the benefits of it. And honestly? I'm relieved. I really love my house. I just needed a good, solid reason to put in the work it will take to continue squeezing four people into it.

2) The adventure of committing, long-term, to squeezing four people into my beloved cottage is now at the front of my brain. We will seriously look at a small addition. But even construction loans are tough to come by these days. What we may need to do is just live a little smaller. But just between us, I'm hoping for the former. I really want enough living space to host a sleepover. And I really want a bedroom. Chris and I currently sleep in the converted back porch "bonus room" that doesn't even have a door.

3) This makes it easier to commit to a few gardening projects this year. That is one of the things I'd wanted to learn about a little bit in the coming year, so knowing that I'll definitely be here through the growing season helps out with that a bit. I will be reading about urban homesteading and square foot gardening. We'll see if I take to it. So far, I know that I kill green things.

4) I have both of our cockatiels on my shoulder right now. They're very happy to be out of their cages for the first time today and they're all puffy and chirpy.

5) There are deep thoughts about job stuff too. But I'm wishy washy enough, what with the whole "sell the house - no wait! don't sell the house!" stuff. I don't need to start in on a "quit the job - no wait! keep the job!" thing too. Suffice it to say that we all know I'm not cut out for the nine-to-five. And sometimes it really wears on me.

6) Emma is going to a beauty pageant birthday party tomorrow. It's also supposed to be a clue-style mystery party. I don't really know what I think about this, but she's also got a piece in student art show in the morning. So, that ought to shore up her independent thinker side a bit before I send her into the insipid, shallow world of pageantry. It's all about balance, people.

7) I'm really sleepy this week. It's totally weird, since I usually have a hard time sleeping. Maybe I'm just that relieved to know I'm staying in my house. Maybe my body's fighting off some of the myriad viruses going around. Maybe I'm just doing too much. But you know what? I think I'm going to roll with it. G'night.

DAILY BLISS: hanging out with family and looking at photos from my dad's trip to Israel


Amy said...

Congratulations on keeping your house! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get an addition with an actual bedroom and maybe, possibly a second bathroom. I would probably buy a house strictly based on it's number of bathrooms at this point :)

Gardening is pretty fun and somewhat frustrating so make sure to take the good with the bad. Watch out for birds. Yes, they're wonderful but not when you have a garden. Have you thought of sunflowers- they're pretty much kill-proof. You just have to watch out for the aforementioned birds. They'll steal the little seedlings right out of the ground. I planted some in with grass and didn't mow around there until they were too tall to be stolen.

Wow that was long...have fun!

claibornes corner said...

I love your house too - it's just "you"! And Jon is getting so much experience with his house maybe he could build that bedroom!!! PS> Iwore my "wrist warmers" to Beluga last night and everyone loved them!

Mary said...

I'm happy for you about your house. I do hope that you can do some stretching and make it a little more accommodating for sleep overs and bedroom doors and room for elbows to do all that stuff you do so well.

I'm sure that Emma will hold her own, and deepen any bit of shallow she may find around her.