Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tagged. Again.

So, I got tagged with that Facebook "25 Things" junk that's going around. Yeah, I know. Facebook. I have always rolled my eyes about it and thought that I would never do something like Facebook. But it turns out I already did. I guess I joined it a couple of years ago to see somebody's pictures, before I knew what it was. And all of a sudden, this year, people are finding me. Surprise, Hipster-Who's-Too-Cool-For-Facebook-Christy, you're already on Facebook! See Item #20.
Where was I? Oh yes. That list. You already know most of my weird and random things. Some of these are repeats - old news. But I don't have time to Facebook and blog. So, since I did this thing on Facebook, I thought I'd cheat and post it on my blog too.
Anyway, when you're done laughing at me for having a Facebook account and not realizing it, help yourself to some facts that are sure to make you feel a little bit more normal. Or at least to help you feel like you're not the only one who's off-kilter.

1) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I'm happy with who I am.
2) I think there are fewer than 5 people who *really* know me.
3) I told everyone that I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a little girl. And I did want to, but...
4) I secretly wanted to be a singer.
5) I really like guys with beards. Not in a turned-on way, but in a makes-me-happy way.
6) I have two tattoos. If my husband liked them more, I'd have a lot more than two.
7) Last week, I was dancing in the living room with Emma (my 8-year-old daughter). I did some little air guitar move and she dropped her jaw wide and said, "DANG girl. You look GOOD doing that! I didn't know you could dance like that!" So, you know, at least I'm cool to somebody.
8) I prefer to go commando whenever possible.
9) Wood smoke is probably my favorite smell ever. I would live out of a tent full time just to be near it. Well, no. That part about the tent just isn't true.
10) I get a different haircut every time I go in for a trim. It's just more fun to sit in that chair and say, "Do whatever you want - you're the expert."
11) I like surprises (see #10)
12) I'm currently having a hard time prioritizing things. It all seems important. But I know it can't all be top-priority. I don't really know how to choose what things to let go of when they all seem critical.
13) I want to take a photography class. I wouldn't say that I'm great or talented, I'd just like to learn more about it. I love pictures.
14) I'm wordy. Verbose, even. I'd love to be a songwriter, but I can never seem to be concise enough.
15) I don't like socks.
16) I don't like crew-neck t-shirts - they make me feel like I'm choking.
17) I talk to animals in weird voices. Sometimes I think they understand me.
18) I like air conditioner smell.
19) I can wiggle my ears.
20) I pretty much think Facebook is annoying. I'm thinking about deleting my page. I really like blogging better anyway.
21) I'm a terrible decision-maker. I can see both sides of most things and I can spend forever making lists of pros and cons. Pros and Cons don't usually help me.
22) My husband and I pastor a small house church. I'm pretty good at following that up with a joke ("but there's no funny Kool Aid involved") and explaining that it's not a cult ("matching sneakers are *not* required). It's not for everybody, but we really love it.
23) In spite of having been in lots of plays and concerts while growing up and in spite of having been a church musician and worship leader for more than 10 years, I still get stage fright every time I approach a microphone.
24) I have food allergies and have to stay away from caffeine. My Starbucks drink (other than just black decaf) is kind of a non-drink. It's the substitue-everything drink. Decaf soy latte with sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup.
25) One name my mom considered for me was Grace. It's a good thing she didn't pick that, because it would have been the biggest joke ever. I run into things. A lot.

If you made it all the way through this list, congratulations. And thank you. I'm so glad you care.
Also? If you would be so kind? Tell me one or two things about yourself in a comment. That'll make me feel better. You lurkers out there? I'm callin' you out. Somebody? Anybody? (tap-tap-tap) Is this thing on?


60ish and Glad said...

Well little stage frightened mighty mouse-tess - you can be brave and take the applause on paper (or should I say computer screen).

Jessica said...

1. My name is Jessica, I'm Mary's sister in law.
2. Beards also make me very, very happy.
3. I read your blog regularly and figured you should know :)

Mary said...

1. I have a facebook account I don't look at often.

2. I have been tagged by the same 25 things game and I haven't done it yet. Maybe I'll copy you and put it in my much preferred blog.

3. I tried to walk through an attic fan when I was around three years old. I don't remember it...and obviously...I survived.

Amy said...

I too prefer blogging to Facebook but I was tagged 3 times and figured I should get it over with.
1. Travis said that I reming him of Eve from WALL-E- blast first ask questions later...I wish I had a blaster, it looks like fun. Travis reminds me of WALL-E. Sweet and no matter what's going on he wants to hold hands...
2. Repetition drives me out of my mind. I can't be in the same room with the kids when they watch Dora because it makes me want to blast something. The same goes for Groundhog Day or any movie along those lines. But ironically, I can tell Travis the same story 10 times and never remember.

Christy said...

Mary - #3=wow,
Amy - #1=aww

Jessica - so glad you de-lurked! Now I can read *your* blog too and a little backup in the beard-lovin' department is always good.

Mom - of course. The thing is, this way, I don't see the audience. Much easier to be brave that way.

Amy said...

Did I really say "reming"? I hate typos. I should probably add that I lurk Jessica's blog too.

Christina said...

Don't feel bad about your FB page. I got one a while ago because "I should" and only check it when my sister nags me enough. I also resent that some people seem to feel as though it's my moral obligation to check it regularly, and even get mad at me when I don't (or when I don't "accept them as a friend" right away)! Which, of course, really makes me want to not check it just to be obstinate (I know it's hard to believe, but being obstinate is one of my special talents).

frabjouspoet said...

I also don't wear crew neck shirts for the same reason. Everything I own is a v-neck or really, really wide necked.