Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This week's assignment in my photography class should be a simple one for me. We are supposed to bring a timeless-looking photo to turn into a black and white photo, then we'll be doing some selective hand-coloring in Photoshop. Vintage and timeless is sort of my thing, you know? But when somebody else tells you to do it, it's harder.
Who am I kidding?
I have authority issues.
It's hard for me to do anything somebody else tells me to do.
So, I had a few ideas in mind, but I have just not had any time to put into it.
Huh. Wonder why?
Working two jobs, taking a class, helping when I can with my tiny nephew, had a car accident, hubby out of town, kids in school/clubs/band/music lessons...
Generally, I only have time to take pictures over the weekend and it just didn't happen this time. So, I will be throwing together what I can. One of my ideas was to get Andrew in a pair of jeans and take a simple portrait, then hand-color just his gorgeous blue eyes and maybe-maybe-only-maybe his jeans too. I'm not sure if that idea is really what I'm looking for, but here are a few shots of my dreamy son.

(It was super-hard to get this angle without getting that dang outlet in the background or the table that's over his right shoulder somewhere-so that's maybe not going to be the one I use, but I still love it.)

I'm just sayin', if I were 12, I'd be crushing on him big-time.
Oh, let's just be honest. I have the biggest-ever Mama crush on that boy. I just love him to bits. Heart-breaker indeed.
I'll be trying to sneak in a few more types of pictures before my class meets on Thursday. I'll let you know what I come up with!

(note: You've probably noticed the lack of my regular features, the Daily Bliss and the Wake-up Playlist. Honestly? I just am so busy that I'm not meditating on the simple good things lately - I promise to fix that soon - and I'm so tired that I'm not even waking up with songs in my head. I promise that'll be back here as soon as it's back in my head!)


Mary said...

Those are wonderful pictures. He is a handsome fellow and you have captured his beautiful eyes so well. I have always had a thing for dimples so I love the third one the most.

Hope you can get some rest.

Amy said...

These are great pictures. He looks just like his dad. I think these are perfect for your assignment.

Jessica said...

Dreamy, indeed! Those dimples are going to melt some girl's heart one day :) The pictures look great.