Friday, September 25, 2009

Photoshop Fun

In my photography class last night, we got to finish working on our vintage & hand-colored pictures. I really had fun. I changed the one of Andrew just a little bit - I made his eyes a little more of a denim blue instead of the aqua blue and fixed some issues with his shirt - originally, I had messed around with the black & white adjustments and it made his shirt look a little weird. Here's the final shot of Andrew:

Here's the one of the old motel - dirtied up a little bit and with the sign colored. I had initially had the letters in pink and the awning in aqua. My professor wanted to switch it up, just to see. And he liked it this way. And I want a good grade. So it stayed this way.

And the truck. I had lots of fun with the truck and couldn't decide how I liked it best. So here's m'favorites:

And finally, The Apron Picture. I added some texture to this one, just to try it out. I like how it looks like the photo's been crumpled in somebody's pocket for ages. However, I really liked it without the texture too. But for my assignment, I turned in this one, simply because I had one already that was simple (Andrew) and one already with a vignette (the truck - that's the darkening around the edges) and keeping the scratchy copy gave me some variety in what I turned in.

I'm indecisive. So what.

I would like to state that there was an incident yesterday involving the front bumper of my car. My poor car. And I would not like to further discuss it (note to family and friends: seriously. I don't want to talk about it). If I am ever able to find the humor in it, I will tell the story. If not, let's just consider The Mysterious Bumper Incident After the Rear-End Collision Incident After the Transmission Incident part of my, uh, mystique.


Mary said...

The last one of the truck is my favorite and I like the texture on the apron shot a lot. Fun, fun.

I do hope your car survives all of this mystique.

Jessica said...

LOVE all of these pictures! Especially the second truck picture and the apron one. You're going to be a pro in no time :)

frabjouspoet said...

The second truck picture is my favorite. I want a copy of it framed and hanging on my wall...along with the self-portrait.

claibornes corner said...

My favorite is still the apron and I love the crumpled look! Of course, Andrew is fab fab fab and I like the 2nd one of the truck - I also like your version of the motel better - the aqua roof - you are getting soooo good. Have fun at the Shower and celebration of Nolan coming home!

Amy said...

I looovvveee truck #1 because the truck is so blue. I love color. The motel is fabulous although I liked it the way you had it first better. But I'm not responsible for your grade :)

I'm so sorry about your bumper- and I'll never speak of it again.