Sunday, September 6, 2009


Chris is out of town for almost two weeks, life is nuts and I'm super tired, but there's so much bloggable stuff going on, too. I'm in between tasks and still have miles to go this afternoon, so this will be a post-and-dash, k?
First up, the owl-y surprise!

It's an apron for my new friend Jessica. She's married to one of my brother's best friends and I had the privilege to meet her through blog-land, even though she doesn't live very far away. I have a weird compulsion. When I meet people and I like them, I must make them things. Hence, this cute apron. She picked out the fabrics, I took too long to make it, blah blah blah. But it's finally done.
Next up, girls-only dinner. My mom, Emma and I met a friend of Mom's and her daughter (who is in the third grade also) for a fancy dinner with tea and china and candles and everything. It was such a needed evening.

Lastly, well, my little baby nephew of course! He's feisty and tough and doing so well. I took these photos yesterday when I got to visit him and Mindy. He only has "touch time" at certain times of the day (the really teeny ones can't handle the stimulation of constant contact very well) for about an hour at a time, so I was really happy to catch him as he was - content and snug in his mommy's embrace. He totally knows when he has his mommy. He gets so relaxed and sleeps so deeply.

Oh - and he's wearing the hat his Kiki (me) made for him. All three of the hats I made are a wee bit on the big side. I guess preemie patterns are for bigger preemies. Ha! It won't be long, though, before he's outgrowing everything in sight. He's gained back an ounce or two and quickly recovered from a little bout with jaundice (that's totally expected when babies are this early). We are all so excited about how strong and beautiful this teeny fella is!

I'll have some photography class pictures up here in the next day or two. I'm a little bit intimidated by the assignment. We'll see how it goes...


mindy said...

ooh, please please send me these pictures of me with my baby boy....i love them sooo much!

And Jessica's apron is absolute perfection....well done, as always!

Mary said...

He's a gorgeous little guy! Love his hat. Mommy looks at peace holding him too.

That apron is pretty adorable too. Jessica looks so cute. Good work Christy!!!

claibornes corner said...

OMG we can finally see how really tiny he is! It's amazing and I'm so proud of him already! It's Nana time!